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Fanfic: Crack the shudders open wide

Title: Crack the shudders open wide
Author: jacoba06
Pairing: Sam, Dean/OFC
Rating: R
Prompt: None, just got an idea and kind of went with it
Summary: There was this girl .. .. ..
Warnings: None I think

Soft light of almost spent candles illuminate the bathroom. Tiny drops of condensed water trickle down the mirror. The only sound is the tip tip tip as water drops dare to disturb the even water that her body is almost fully submerged in. Her skin is pale … even her lips have lost their luscious color. Next to the bath there is a glass of red dry wine, hardly touched; the empty open bottle resting on the counter in the kitchen with a piece of paper tucked in beneath it.


The wood splinters as his foot lands hard and fast to burst his way in.


Dean’s voice is urgent as he scans the apartment, his eyes pausing for the briefest of moments on the counter and the bottle standing there. Sam follows into the apartment and makes his way to her bedroom.

"She’s not in here … check the bathroom."

Dean gives no indication that he’s heard Sam.


Dean snaps his head towards him and he repeats himself.

"Check the bathroom."

Again his foot lands hard when he finds that the door won’t open. The heavy wood swings out of his way, the gust of wind it makes blowing out some of the small candles.

"Sam! … LENA!"

He lifts her out of the water, her body limp in his arms. Then Sam is there, wrapping towels around her writs. Dean wipes the hair from her forehead, rocks her a little and lets his lips rest there softly.

"It’s okay … it’s gonna be okay. I’ve got you. Hold on, you hear me, just hold on."


The corridor is quiet, the lights bright and harsh. The swing doors open but it’s the squeaking sound that the doctor’s shoes make that gets Deans’ attention. He jumps up to meet him half way.

"She’s lost a lot of blood. She’s unconscious. We’ve stitched her up and we’re trying our best, but it doesn’t look good. You should go get some rest, if her condition changes we’ll let you know."

The doctor reassuringly pats him on the shoulder before turning and walking back through the swinging doors.

He didn’t realize that Sam had also jumped up and was standing close behind him to hear what the doctor had said. He almost bumps into him as he turns to talk to him.

"Sammy … I …"

He stops mid sentence and before Sam can say anything, Dean starts heading towards the door labeled EXIT in big red and black letters.


He sighs as he runs his hands through his almost too long hair. The nurse behind the emergency counters’ hand has stopped writing and she looks at Deans’ back as it disappears into the night. When Sam looks up, she drops her head again.

He picks up his jacket, shrugs it on and also heads out the door.


My dearest Dean,

I wanted to write you something that would explain how I feel about you. How you saved me when everything seemed to crash in on me.

You’re forever my knight in shining armor. There aren’t words …

Dean starts ripping at the piece of paper, his anger and sadness tearing through him. He closes his eyes and the tears that run down his cheek are salty and bitter on his lips. How could he have loved her so much? He’s only barely gotten to know her.


Sam knocks on the bathroom door.

"Dean? It’s time …"

Silence. Then he hears him moving on the other side. The door opens and Dean walks over to the bed, picks up his duffel and starts piling his clothes into it.

"I’m not going."

Sam doesn’t know what to say, just stands awkwardly and watches his brother in silence.

"What? Not gonna try and persuade me? Tell me how I have to be there."

- "No, it's just ... Look, I do think you need to be there. To put it behind you."

"This was her choice! I tried to help her … I tried to be there ..."

Dean sits on the bed, his shoulders slouching.

"I don’t want to fight Sam. I can’t … I can’t bury her."

A few strides carry him across the room and he sits at the bottom of the bed, his back towards Dean.

"Dean, I understand, but you can’t blame yourself for this. Lena was … she saw some bad things, but you saved her Dean."

- "I saved her? I gave her nightmares … I … I ruined her life."

"Ruined her life? Are you hearing yourself?"

Sam is suddenly enraged, he’s on his feet and in a blink of an eye he’s standing in front of his brother, pulling him onto his feet.

"You’re the one that’s always said to me ‘We can’t save them all’ but we try Dean. That’s what we do. We try! But sometimes …"

He lets his brother go and turns away, Dean can hear the resigned tone in his voice.

"Sometimes it isn’t enough to just save someone. Dean, we’ve seen some horrible things. It haunts us, but we move on. We put it behind us and we move on."

Dean opens his mouth to speak but Sam is already half way out the door.


She’s standing in front of the fireplace with nothing on. He’s lying on the make-shift bed looking up at her.

"Come back to me."

- "I thought you were sleeping," she says and lays back down next to him.

"I was and had the most wonderful dream."

- "Oh really? Tell me more."

"Well see, thing is, I’m more of a ‘show’ type of guy."

She giggles as he touches her.

"I knew there was a reason I kept you around."

He kisses her neck, lets his hand cup her shoulder while the other is pulling her close against him. A soft moan escapes from her lips.

She hitches her leg over his hip, feels his hard length push against her and moves her hips slightly.

"Don’t … do that."

He hardly gets the words spoken. Moves his hand to hold her hips steady.

"Dean ... please ... need you inside me ... God ..."

She wraps her fingers in his short hair, pulls his lips off her so he looks in her eyes. She kisses him, deep and hard. He moves his hand between her thighs, feels her warm, wet heat against his fingers.

He shifts his hips, guides himself into her. A heavy breath flows from between his clenched lips. Lifting her leg higher, taking him deeper and they start to move in unison. His hand has moved into her hair, his fingers entangled in the dark mess.

Her nails dig into his back as she clenches around him. Her foot digs into his lower back, pushing him flush against her. He bites down on her lip gently, but hard enough for it to sting as he loses himself in her. There are stars behind his shut eyelids and he breaks their kiss, his eyes fly open as he gasps for air.


"Dean? Dean wake up."

Dean eyes shoot open, Sam’s hand gripping his shoulder.

"It’s ok, I think you were having another nightmare."

Dean can feel he’s hard and he’s glad that he’s lying with his back to his brother.

"I’m okay …"

- "It was Lena again, wasn’t it? Dean, you have to let it go …"

"I said I’m okay Sam. God!"

He swings himself off the bed and heads into the bathroom shutting the door hard behind him. He braces himself against the basin and he can’t help the smile that curves his lips.

"Not all memories are always bad Sammy."

He runs a cold shower and gasps as the water runs across his back, sending a shiver down his spine.


Tags: dean, fanfic, ofc, sam

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