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Fanfic - By request - Jacoba06

Date: 2008-11-26 19:19
Subject: Fanfic - By request
Security: Public
Music:Kings of Leon - Sex on fire
#Tags:fanfic, jo/dean

Title: Too late to apologize
Author: jacoba06 
Pairing: Jo/Dean
Rating: R
Prompt: A friend of mine requested that I write him a story, after we had a heated discussion yesterday .. luckily we weren’t in the same room or else God knows what would have happened! LoL! :P

The door slams shut. He rests his head against its dark wood. His fist lands softly on it as he hears the click of the lock. He pleads with her to open it, to talk to him. Her voice carries her anger across when she shouts to him to just go away.

She emerges ten minutes later to find him sitting with his back against the bed facing the bathroom door. His arms are resting on his knees and his head is resignedly resting on his arms. Talk to me … but she ignores him as she places her toiletries in her duffle next to her side of the bed.

Can you at least acknowledge that you heard me apologize? Still she stays silent. She doesn’t even look up. Just pulls her jacket closer that she picked up from the floor where she threw it in her rage as they came in. He pushes himself off the floor, stands around awkwardly for a second. Damn it Jo, look at me. I told you she meant nothing. It was a long time ago, long before I even met you. His voice starts to rise with each syllable.

You can’t leave, not like this … Jo, please … I don’t know what you want me to say, tell me what to say. He catches hold of her arm as she tries to swing her duffel onto her shoulder. He makes her drop the bag and in a swift move his ears are ringing as her hand lands on his cheek. Anger flares in her eyes as she stares back at his surprised gaze. Then she hits him again a dull thud as her fist falls on his chest. She catches him by surprise again and almost knocks the wind out of him. He catches her fist as it comes towards him for a second time. She struggles in his grip, but he pulls her in close. He presses his lips against hers.

They pull apart for a few brief seconds before she leans in and kisses him back hard. Her anger burns even brighter, searing into him. She reaches down, finds him hard as she rubs against him through his jeans. He grunts into her mouth, the touch stealing his breath. He throws her onto the bed as both starts to rid themselves of clothes. Skin rubs against skin. He’s forgotten how soft she is, how perfect her body is under the layers of plaid shirts and heavy jackets.

They curl into each other, him slightly on top of her and she pushes hard on his shoulders to flip him over onto his back. She straddles him, impaling herself hard and fast onto his cock. He moans and his fingers dig deep into her hips, bruising the soft flesh. It’s fast, for both of them, coming with strangled gasps as they claw and grasp at each other. She sags forward onto his chest, shutting her eyes and breathing heavily. I’m sorry. She slides off him, lays down in his arms, her fingers gently touching where she had punched him before. I’m sorry too …

When she wakes up, she can hear him in the shower. She blushes and smiles to herself as she remembers his brothers words Remember Jo, there’s nothing like make up sex, so don’t just forgive after his first apology, make him work for it.

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User: lovetheguys
Date: 2008-11-26 22:12 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
That was hot, delicious and hilarious! Great little story! You go, Jo! Love, Robin
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